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dj J.Bourne

JBourne has come a long way from deejaying Caribbean parties to being one of the most sought after deejays on the Manhattan Club Scene, while garnering an enviable repertoire and unmatched expertise and skills along the way. This he achieved over a relatively short period of time and represents a laudable career milestone, because while the Caribbean Market is significant, crossing over into the mainstream market is the goal of any one who practices their craft on a local scale. His fascination and scholarly-like devotion to music has been parlayed into what is now his career - a deejay. 


He has managed to gain the attention of industry insiders and power-players alike, playing venues that many only dream about.  To say the party scene has not been the same since JBourne began spinning those records is an understatement. He demonstrates, every time he touches the microphone and spins those records, why. His stock in trade which is his music collection is eclectic and unique. It consists of Caribbean Music, Hip Hop, Soul, R & B, the Classics, Jazz, Gospel and even Pop Rock. Within each genre is a collection that is vast in content, talent and style. It is a reflection of his study and in-depth knowledge of all genres of music. He has positioned himself as a deejay that is relevant to any genre, thus his gigs know no boundaries. 


The energy behind this musical prodigy is palpable and infectious. This standard comes naturally to JBourne who immerses his whole being in the experience with partygoers, taking them to a crescendo of enjoyment that climaxes into pure unadulterated pleasure. This mild-mannered individual morphs into an entertainment machine, a wild, swashbuckling party-master, with whom you are compelled to party.  Music runs in his veins-vital to his existence and your experience. For all that and more he has earned the reputation as the Most Versatile DJ .


JBourne originally started playing music at a young age during the 1980’s. His repertoire was influenced by the sounds of the Caribbean due to his heritage and as well as growing up in Brooklyn NY. He quickly learned the art of blending music, especially dance classics such as MFSB, First Choice, etc., by listening and studying DJ’s like Larry Levan, DJ Red Alert, Mr. Magic, Tee Scott and Sting International. From an early age he used his knowledge of music to set himself apart from other DJ’s by catering to many different audiences. He never wanted to be held to playing one kind of music. As he stated, “Music is universal and with all the types of music to play, why just play one genre?

A Doctor must know many medicines and be able to treat many types of individuals. DJ’s are doctors in that sense.”


Although well versed in many genres, JBourne got his start in the club scene during the 90’s playing on the Caribbean Party Scene in New York- a natural start for him due to his Caribbean heritage and experience. He has played numerous venues among them, the Q Club, Club Temptation, Jammin on the Bay, Reggae Carifest, Club Duplexx, Liquid Love and a host of others. 


His transition to main street clubs and party venues took him to a new audience and a new style to which he quickly adapted. He has strong work ethics, and professional approach, has won him the admiration of many. Despite being in an overly pretentious industry, he keeps a level head in an

atmosphere where the distractions are many and where one can easily lose their way. The list of clubs where he has placed represents the premier and the best of; Plaid, Club Exit, Cheeta’s, Tavern on the Green, Branch, Providence NY, Providence AC,, Negril Village, BLVD, 40/40, Quo, Nest, The Shadow,  Strata, Bamboo Lounge, Frank’s Lounge,  to name a few.


He currently plays at Kimoto Rooftop Lounge in Brooklyn, NY as the resident DJ and makes guest appearances throughout the city and also for many  private and corporate functions.


He was worked alongside the best in the business forming partnerships with such DJ’s like Supa DJ Peter Parker and Shaun “Sting International” Pizzonia; Who are two of the most talented and celebrated in their fields respectively.


His deejaying experience has been greatly enhanced by stints on the Radio among them the Saturday afternoon experience with Francine Chin and the late Phillip Smart on WWRL 1600AM, and guest spots on 1190 WLIB AM and 107.5 WBLS FM. 

He has worked at VP Records (the leading record distributors of reggae and soca music in the U.S.), where he spent 2 ½ invaluable years as head of Radio & Promotions. His responsibility included Album Releases Parties, Industry Events, Radio Plays and Promotions.

Although he has enjoyed success in the club scene, he misses his time on radio. An avid listener to NY radio all his life to such stations like KISS FM, WBLS, The Original WKTU, WWRL and also WRVR he has expressed his interest in becoming a radio personality.  “I remember the days of Gerry Bledsoe, Hank Spann, Frankie Crocker, Paco, Carlos DeJesus, Ken Webb, Ann Tripp, Jeff Foxx and original KISS FM member, Bob Slade. They bought excitement and joy to radio that is truly an art.”


J. Bourne currently hosts his own radio styled program via the internet entitled, “The Groove Boutique Radio Show”. The show is a two hour weekly program that showcases great music and vintage commercials from yesteryear with fun and informative facts about the artists and songs. He began this project with the goal of keeping great music and its history alive.

JBourne has demonstrated at a relatively young age that a dedication to ones craft will result in a wealth of experience and unparalleled success; the kind of success which he is currently enjoying.

dj J.Bourne


(646) 249 - 3617

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